Right Place Right Time

You know those days when you're in the right place at the right time?  Days when best waves seem to come to you for no reason other than the fact that you're having a bloody good day.  Love those days!  Unfortunately today wasn't one of those days for me but is seemed to be for young Jack Entwistle.  Flemmo watching on from the bench put young Jack's wave count at 101 for the morning.  That's not a bad effort before school huh!  Me on the other hand; I couldn't buy a wave even with 20 inches of foamy goodness under my chest.  Maybe tomorrow will be my day. The waves are still up from the ENE at 3 feet and there was a light Northerly most of the morning.  It's onshore and a bit ugly now but if you were up earlier and you found yourself in the right place at the right time you might have scored some joy. I got to go.  Enjoy Thursday afternoon.

∆ Murray

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