Let's Get Physical

We're so close to the official end of Winter that we may as well call it Spring.  It's warm enough during the day to sport your new t-shirt and I've even seen a few short-arm steamers getting around in the line-up.  We're on the road to summer and people are getting physical.  Personal training classes are packed to the rafters along the beachfront, walkers are going their walk and surfers are getting up well before 6am to do the business in the water.   The early birds are stirring - it must be Spring! There's a couple of waves out there this morning and surface conditions are without yesterday's morning sickness.  The ENE swell has got a little life left in her yet but will fade over the next couple of days.  Winds were offshore early however the Southerly has moved in now.  The weekend is looking friendly.  Chope's is still on hold - Come on already!

Goodbye Milkman If you've bought a surfboard, pair of boardshorts or a block of wax over the last 7 years at the Quiky Board Store in Manly and you couldn't really understand the guy serving you, chances are you were served by Amilcar.  Today's Amilcar's last day down at the Board Store and I reckon he'll be doing some rare deals on his last day.  Get down, help Amilcar reach his monthly target and have a beer with him before he heads off on his round the world odyssey. Word on the street is there'll be a few beers on from 5 this arvo to help send him off. The Milkman is a legend of a man and the last of the old guard at MBS.  Safe travels mate!

DAILYMurray Fraser