:: Rare


Beautiful morning down the beach front this morning with a return of the sun and just a hint of warmth.  There were plenty of waves and beautiful conditions but finding a gem amongst the closeouts was rare indeed. The South Swell and low-tide combo just doesn't work for us even when the banks are in the right place.  Whether you scored a good one and coped a bunch of closeouts I bet you didn't regret going for a paddle.  It's the best place to be in the morning and sets you up for the day ahead. The Sprout Daily Calendars are rocketing through the registers and mailboxes so if you want to get your hands on one before Christmas jump online and put you're order through.  If you don't want to go online, pop into the The Shop Next Door or various other outlets around Manly and grab yourself a crafty locally made Christmas present.

Enjoy yr weekend!

DAILYMurray Fraser