:: Closeout Moments


Manly was fully combo-ed this morning.  With the combination of a typically straight South Swell and a Low tide of 0.52 at 5:42am it was never going to be classic morning even with favourable offshore winds.  There were a few banks trying to deliver but most were shutting down or at the very least pinching as soon as they hit the sandbank.  There were truckloads of people out seeking their own little closeout moment; for some it was a second of tunnel vision, for others a floater on the end section or a sweeping bottom turn.  It all feels good if only momentarily.  There's plenty of swell about so options might open up once the tide fills in a bit. This South Swell is going to hang around for a couple of days eventually fading across the weekend.  The winds are looking kind but finding a bank that's not closing out will be key.  If you find one, keep it as your little secret.

∆ Murray

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