:: East to West

There's been some wild weather over this side of the Tasman the last couple of days.  This time of year there's a constant flow of big low-pressure systems that come up under Australia and whip up swell and dump snow on the mountains here.  On Sunday the inter-island ferry that runs between the North and South Island was cancelled due to 9 metre waves running between Cook Straight.  That's some pretty heavy water!  There's swell on both sides of the coast right now but the wind's a little funky over East.  Good thing it's only a 2 hour drive between coasts and yesterday afternoon we arrived back over on the West Coast with a 2m+ swell and good winds for Raglan. Good option if you've option the time and you're travelling with your home on your back.

Tomorrow we might be back East, see what happens this afternoon.

:: Murray