:: Back & On The Road

Good morning;  Long time no see.  Hope you're doing fine this Monday morning. The Winter Recess has been refreshing but it's great to be back and right now we're on the road across the Tasman in New Zealand.  While everyone else is sliding down the ski slopes (they've had a cracking start to the season apparently) we'll be traversing the country looking for waves.  Sometimes it's nice to do the opposite of everyone else and so far we've had a pretty good run.  Our friends at Wilderness Motorhomes have set us up in one of their flash new campers with toasty gas heaters, hot showers and a drying room for the wetsuits.

Yesterday we managed to luck into an unseasonal Nor-East swell on the East Coast.  There's beaches for miles around these parts and we scored some super fun and wedgey beach breaks just a short boat ride from the mainland.  If it wasn't for the 14 degree water and 20kts of cold wind you'd almost be forgiven for thinking we were on the Gold Coast.

Stay with us via Instagram for adventures from the road. Catch you tomorrow :: Murray

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