:: Exploration

Today's been an exploration day; we've been to places I've never been before but so far we haven't surfed.  There's so many k's of coastline in NZ to explore and most of it takes a lot of local knowledge and plenty of time to really get to know.  This morning we've been down dirt tracks, walked over paddocks and opened cattle fences in search of something special.  We've thought about surfing, but decided to go a little further down the road instead. Right now we're pulled up on a dirt track South of Gisborne, there's no wind, 2-3 feet of South Swell, a dropping tide and dropping sun.  We might get in today; or we might have to wait until tomorrow.  Either way it's been a great day of exploring sights unseen.

Check out Instagram to see where we are right now. It's not too bad at all... :: Murray