Much The Same


It's much the same as yesterday and the day before, and the day before that.  Oh, and tomorrow is looking similar to day only there might be a touch less swell about.  It's 2 foot and there's not a great deal of energy in the swell on the early high-tide.  The water's warmed up somewhat so you can shed a bit of rubber if you're up for a paddle.  Mid-tide has been offering a few cross-shore peelers suitable for alternative craft such as your fishes, logs, hulls and blow-up surf mat's.  Get out there and enjoy yourself - it's Christmas!! I just checked out The Manly Deal site and their doing a sweet little combo with 4 Pines Brewery - worth having in your sky-rocket for a cheeky lunch time beer and burger over the summer break.

Bit of a dog day outside today and the K9's featured heavily in the photo's today.  Enjoy.  See you tomorrow bright and early!  ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser