PS. Love Winter

Classic winter morning this morning.  Clear skies (except for a little upper-level clouds colouring the sky), cold crisp air, light offshore breeze and a sweet ESE swell.  I took to the Southern corner of Manly thinking there'd be no waves this morning and indulged myself in shooting the sunrise and the twin groups - The Old & The Bold and The Bold & The Beautiful. Theses guys are dedicated Early Birds and always make for some interesting frames, especially with a magic sunrise backdrop. Heading back to North Steyne it became pretty obvious I'd missed a pretty neat session of surfing out front.  Littledale vino expert and single-fin aficionado Andrew Whithers was pretty much foaming when I caught him at the coffee cart. I haven't seen him so excited since he open a bottle of 1992 Tsarine Vintage on his 25th birthday!  There's still some 3-4ft sets coming through and it's clean as a whistle.  I'm not hanging around in here, see you later on.

PS. We love you Winter  xx

DAILYMurray Fraser