Dawn Swim

Crisp start to the day but it was perfect in the water.  In fact, it felt almost warm slipping into the ocean today after a chilly cycle up the road and dash across sand that probably wasn't any warmer than 8 degrees.  I took a pre-dawn swim this morning to catch the sunrise submerged with my eyes at sea-level.   I tell you, watching the sunrise as swells lift and drop you is really quite a treat.  There's a bucket load of images from this morning on Facebook - take a look. The weekend of waves is behind us now but there's still a touch of residual swell pushing through.  It's only head high at most but the wind is offshore and if you've had enough of the grunty stuff then it's perfect.  The week ahead is looking cool with highs in the 15-16 degree range.  There's a swell building in the Southern Ocean down Tassie way and if it manages to come around the corner and move more northward we may some swell mid to late this week.

DAILYMurray Fraser