Golden Path

Today it's forecast to be cold and blowy. 45km/hour winds from the west will dry your lips and blow any swell that's trying to reach our shores seaward. The East swell from the weekend is gone and the little South swell we saw pop up yesterday is only just surviving the offshore onslaught. Although, there's still some shapely little ones to be had down at the QC end of the beach but you'd better get out while you can. Watching the crew on the northern bank this morning and it was pretty clear to see that not everyone was observing the simple surfers etiquite we've all generally come to accept to keep the line-ups self regulated. Perhaps a good time to re-visit the big sign on the beach on the way out tomorrow (umm, yes you too Mr Opposition Leader).

The South Swell is starting to ramp up from tomorrow afternoon - check Coastalwatch for full details.

DAILYMurray Fraser