Textured Sky


If you've been down the beach in the morning this week you would have noticed the flies; you can't escape them!  They're everywhere!   Flies and the afternoon thunderstorm, both a sure sign summer's here and it's sticking around! This morning we had a thick heavy marine-layer haze hanging over the sand and very little in the way of surfable waves.  It was warm and muggy early and everybody was taking to the beach for relief.  By 8 o'clock the clouds rolled in with some beautiful colour and texture cooling the temperature a touch and the surf seemed to gather a little bit of momentum.  There was the odd left and right shorey at North Steyne - nothing to write home about but worth a paddle just for the refreshment factor.

Southerly change later in the day might breathe a little life into the swell tomorrow.  See you then.

DAILYMurray Fraser