:: Pass Parade


Every now and then The Pass lights up from behind the rock right through to Clarke's Camp Ground. If you've ever been to Byron and seen it happening or seen the potential you'll know its really quiet special. All the elements have to come together; the sand build-up, the right wind, a solid swell and then eventually you have to jag a wave to yourself and try and keep it!

Today The Pass is cooking! Set after set of almost constant swell pushing in from the South. There's even the odd rare gem that'll delivery you on a leg burning journey from Rock to Clarke's. As you'd expect, the crowds are spread thick and there's all types of surf craft and all levels of ability. Jag one wave though, and makes it all worth while!

I heard Manly's XL today!  There's light offshore winds forecast tomorrow so things could get real good!

No matter where you are, it shouldn't be hard to find a wave this weekend.


DAILYMurray Fraser