:: Sunset Sess


From what I've seen float across my social media feed, it looks like it was quite the weekend of surf at home.  I had text messages coming through: "best I've ever seen", "all-time", "epic".  Not the kind of adjectives that get bandied around the beach at Manly too often but from I've seen, sounds like it was proper pumping! I spent the weekend up in Byron Bay with some friends tying the knot; congratulations to Jim & Nikolina!

Seems like the waves turn on at home every time I leave town; I'll have to get out of town more often for you guys! It's been pretty good up here too.  In fact, the whole East Coast must have been going off this weekend.

Northerlies swung into Byron last night putting an end to the party at The Pass.  We managed to squeeze a bonus sunset session in before it all went to moosh.

Big storms for Sydney this afternoon! See you at home.


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