:: Alive


Oh yeah, the East Coast is alive! It's been a while since a solid, prolonged swell has been aimed at the East Coast with enough energy to light up the whole coast. From South of Sydney all the way to Noosa and beyond the points are shaking their summer slumber. Sand should be just right, now it's show time!

I'm at the half way point between Sydney and the Gold Coast. Friends are telling me further North the points of Northern NSW and the Goldy are cooking, but, it's hard to drive away from good waves until the arms give in.  As with these high-energy swells there's a heap of water moving and it's non-stop paddling - right now my arms are gone! Time to rest them on the wheel of the bus and head North along the Pacific Hwy.

Catch you somewhere on the East Coast tomorrow.


DAILYMurray Fraser