Out of the Gates


Pretty bleak start to the day out there this morning with a thick covering of cloud making things grey and neutral.   South swell is notorious for dishing up closeouts in Manly and combined with a low-tide at 6:50am the result wasn't pretty.  There were plenty of takers for the early session though and I reckon those that took the plunge will be pulling sand out of their hair and trunks all day.   Maybe it'll be good luck! Just in case you're out of the loop, today is of course the first Tuesday of November and you know what that means!    Extra long lunches, half-days and of course a wee horse race hosted by our cousins down there in Melbourne.  If you can't make it to Melbourne and you're around Manly looking for a place to have a bet and watch the race, pop into The Steyne.  The Steyne are hosting a Melbourne Cup Luncheon in the Seaside bistro with all proceeds going toward the Manly Women's Shelter.  Give Ellie Hunt a call this morning and see if there's any tickets left if you want in.  0409 900 616

DAILYMurray Fraser