South End Social


The Southern End of Manly is probably not the best place to surf on our stretch of beach in terms of quality waves but it's got to be one of the most social.  There's always a crew hanging out in the water and people chatting on the beach creating a cool vibe for all.  Swimmers, body surfers, surfers, the clubby crew on the fitness program and the ever present Bold and the Beautiful all mixing it up with a social atmosphere.  It's a little different from the competitive vibe up at Queensie and refreshing to get amongst sometimes.  With a mellow 1-2ft of South Swell trickling in to South Steyne and a sensational sunrise this morning looked particularly social in the line-up. There's a touch more swell up at Queenscliff if you're chasing size but the swell was lumpy and closeouts were plenty first thing.  The wind is currently blowing WSW so conditions are on the improve and looked way better when I check it an hour ago.   Might be worth another look if you passed this morning.

Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco is up and running and the last heat of the day was in pretty wind-blown conditions at Ocean Beach.  Videos and photo's from Day One haven't been posted yet but the big news is that Slater is through to Round 3.  That means Slater is only one heat win away from Number 11!!  King Kelly might be wearing the crown again tomorrow...  Worth a peek indeed!

DAILYMurray Fraser