:: Low Tide


Super low-tide this morning and there's just so much sand to play on; you almost need a break mid way getting from the car park to the water.  The swell's up but it's due South in direction so we're not seeing a lot of the action here at Manly.  Bet you there'd be some good ones just a short drive up the Beaches if you're keen.  In not just enjoy a swim at home - the water's warming up slightly but that Sou-Wester will get your bones when you're out! Halloween today and those crazy cats at Qantas have been trying to scare each other silly all weekend.  Be interesting to see how the trick or treating progresses in the coming weeks.

Speaking or trick or treating - does anyone out there work at a Apple re-seller?  I've been plagued by the Spinning Wheel of Death all morning!

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