Onshore Continues

The onshore continues today albeit a little lighter than yesterday.   It was pretty much all doom and gloom out on the surf front this morning but out from the gloom you might have scored a a bonus in the form of an Easter Egg from June & Co. who had a box full and were distributing them with much joy and enthusiasm down at South Steyne.  Too early for chocolate? Too early for Easter eggs?  Yeah probably both but what a great treat! Thanks guys!  The usually swimmingly activities continued down at South Steyne and there were even a couple of surfers taking their chances out in the messy conditions.  Not much surfing to photograph though I'm afraid. The good news is that this constant onshore has delivered a truckload of E swell and once the winds get right we might get a little run of fun waves.  There's a glimmer of hope for an early offshore session tomorrow morning before the wind swings to a light Nor-Easter but I wouldn't bet your house on it.  I guess we see what tomorrow brings.

∆ Murray

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