Body Language

You'd have to be super dedicated or optimistic to suit up this morning for a paddle.   Don't get me wrong, I don't mind an onshore surf when there's a bit of punch and shape to the waves but this morning it was just a mess.  I had the lens trained to the water for 5 min's and didn't see anything even remotely appealing.   We're all a little over the onshore air-flow but word is it's going to continue for at least another day or so.  I watched the guy in the opening shot today transition from shoulders up optimistically gazing out to see to body slouched resigned to the fact that his surf just ain't going to be that much fun.  He might have even given up and headed to his favourite coffee shop - I didn't stick around to see. Over in Tahiti, Round One has run its course at the Billabong Pro, Teahupoo.  Looked to be a pretty predicable roll-call of surfers heading straight through to the third round;  Kelly, Jordy, Fanning, et al.   North Steyne local Kai Otton also won his heat and progressed through to the third round.  Timmy from Aloha Manly had a surf with Kai before he took off for Tahiti and said Kai's was chopping at the bit to charge Teahupoo this year.  With Kai's place on the 'CT on the line he's got nothing to lose and he won't be holding back when this solid swell rolls in later on the in week.  3-4ft at 'Chopes today but they've called a layday as a solid swell approaches later in the week.  Could get very interesting! Check out Round One Heat Highlights here.

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