Woke up this morning with a clear head excited about a beautiful seaside sunrise and perfect NE swell peaking the length of Manly Beach.  The sky was clear and out the window the trees had the gentle rocking that comes with a light offshore.  "Yes! it's going to be super fun!!".  But alas;  rounding the last corner and sighting the ocean for the first time I was reminded that this was summer, and summer means Nor-Easterilies.  Onshores! There's still a little residual swell coming through but the wind isn't kind.  If you've got time take a drive to that secret spot over the harbour called Bondi.  She'll be cooking.

The light at the end of the tunnel for me was a sensational latte served up by Joey at The Rope & Anchor Cafe. It's down the beachfront near The Corso so close to the beach you can almost sail on in.  Get down and say G'day to the pirates behind the Espresso machine and order a Macchiato with extra ahhhhhhhhhhh.  You going to dig beach front coffee for sure!

Cheers to ya!