Tasty Water

Clear skys and a little more SE swell greeted us this morning and conditions were almost perfect except for just a slight bump on the surface.  The water is a tasty 24.7 degrees and perfect for a swim with the fish-eye.  There's some great looking banks up and down the beach but this morning's high-tide seemed to be preventing them from their real potential. The usual pre-Australia Day Surf Live Saving Carnival will be taking place down at Manly this weekend so don't expect to be surfing the best banks tomorrow.  The place will be smothered with boats and rubber duckies so unless you're interested in the clubby scene you might want to search for a wave elsewhere.

LOST: Geoff HAS lost his Red Wing Cleavers Bodysurfing plane.  It's freaking cool and he want's it back real bad.  If you've found it please click here

NEWS FLASH: The usual $20 comission for surfboards sold at  tomorrow's Surgarmill Sunset Surf Swap will go straight to the Queensland Flood Appeal.  Nice one fellas!!

Righto, see you at the Sugarmill Sunset Surf Swap this Saturday arvo for a beer and meat pie (or coffee and biscuit).  You're shout!