:: That's it, That's All

Today we're going to see the last of the South Swell.  It's lasted a week; we've had a good run but today's it's going to be all gone.  This morning there's a tiny wave on offer up at the Queenscliff end of the beach but there's a big Friday morning crew on it and it's lacking any of the punch we've seen this last week.   Still, there's value in it for the micro-grommets and the loggers.  The winds up from the Nor-East right now so it might blow up a little NE wind swell for tomorrow morning but once the Westerly kicks in there's going to be nothing. Remember the article in the Manly Daily during the week about Mrs Morley and her Haberdashery Store.  She's the 99 year old has her store in Chancery Chambers Arcade in Manly.  Katy from Desire books has organised a "cash mob" to show support for Mrs Morley tomorrow morning from 10am.  It's a cool concept and one worth getting involved it.  Checkout the details here and feel free to drop on in.

There's also The Rally for a Refund paddleout on Sydney Harbour in support of a Container Deposit Scheme is happening tomorrow morning at Blues Point Reserve from 11:30am.

Big weekend for involvement! Enjoy!

DAILYMurray Fraser