:: Noosa Still

Still in Noosa and it's very still in Noosa indeed.  There was talk of a monumental swell arriving on the East Coast early this week but as the weekend progressed and the rain continued to fall predictions were downgraded and arrival times delayed.  There's plenty going on the with the weather up this way but most of it is rain.  Truck-loads of rain!!  Noosa received over a 100mm in 24hours on Saturday and Sunday wouldn't have been much less again. There's still hope of an increase in swell tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday so we'll keep an eye on things here and see if the points light up.  This morning there was hardly a ripple moving through Tea Tree on the high-tide so the only option was heading down the beach towards the river mouth where a few micro peelers were breaking.

Back home it looks like a few junkie waves being battered by a stiff Southerly in Manly. Probably a good Monday to be in the office.

Congrats to the local Sydney sliders Matt Flemming, Matty Chojnacki, Jake Bevan and Lawrence Harkness for featuring in the final placings in their respective events!!   Full results at Noosa Festival of Surfing

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