:: Sunshine & Rain


Another beautiful day in Noosa.  No need to worry about whether it's going to be sunny or raining.  Up here at the moment you can guarantee it's going to be both! This morning I bunkered in amongst the locals swimming and hanging down at the Surf Club on Main Beach Noosa.  It's beautiful down there in the morning as the sun sneaks up over the hills of the National Park at right angles to the beach - perfect angle for photography.  Like the corner of Manly it's the hub of activities in Noosa in the morning.  I met up with local swim club the Noosa Turtles.  Not quite as established as our Bold & Beautiful but a similar spirit to the early mornings.  Have a laugh, enjoy a swim.  You know the drill.

High-tide was pretty much killing any chance of a surf this morning but as the tide drop through to midday we should see some beautiful waves emerging on the points.  There's plenty of swell out to sea so fingers crossed for Noosa Point perfection.

Heading South tomorrow.  Stay tuned for a little road trip down the East Coast. ∆ Murray

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