:: Noserider

The Noserider Pro has to be one of the best events to watch up here at The Noosa Festival of Surfing.  It's longboarding stripped back to it's barest.  Pure and simple tip-time.  The time spent on the nose is all that counts and that's it!  

Surfers are scored points for the time spent hanging toes over.  One point per second for hanging five and 2 points per second for ten toes over the nose. And to ensure that the noseride is complete, surfers must return to the centre of their board before falling or pulling off the wave.  So, you can hang ten for 10 seconds but if you catch a rail and lose it, no tip time will count.  It's a game of cat and mouse; risk and reward and First Point Noosa is the perfect arena.  

Local Favourite Harrison Roach put on a clinical performance yesterday notching up over 40 seconds of tip-time in a 30 minute heat!   It's all about the tip-time in Noosa!

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