Monday (almost) Magic

I really wanted to tittle this morning's email as "Monday Magic".  Besides from the obvious alliteration I thought "Magic" would be the perfect description for some solid left over swell and perfect Winter sunshine.  It's good out there this morning but it didn't quite reach magic status; especially compared to the quality we experienced yesterday.  The light this morning was tricky as well.   The sun ducked and dodged behind some thick clouds out on the horizon causing a real hazy blown-out light. In the water this morning we've still got solid 3-5ft sets hitting the banks from South Steyne to Queenscliff.  It's missing a little of yesterday's serious grunt and consistency but there's plenty of quality.  There's a few closeouts and pinching tubes and just a little bump thrown into the mix.  The crowds are down from yesterday's pack so if you've got the time to surf you'd be well advised to do so.   Speaking of yesterday, how good was it huh?   Pumping!  I snapped two leg-ropes in the morning session so I decided to take a swim out in the heavy water with the water-housing. Stayed tuned for a weekend re-hash later in the week. For now enjoy Monday's Mix.

∆ Murray

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