Should Have Been Here Yesterday

Well actually you should have been here Sunday; it was good, really good in fact!!  After almost a week of onshore winds and too much swell, Sunday finally saw the wind swing offshore the swell sort itself out into a consistent ESE ground-swell.  Perfect conditions for the Manly to Queenscliff stretch and proof that when the elements align North Steyne and Queensie can turn on beach breaks as good as anywhere on the East Coast.  There was more than enough swell leftover to see the Queenscliff bombie throw down some seriously heaving peaks.  Quite a powerful beast and clean as a whistle After snapping two leggies during the morning session on Sunday I decided it was time to get the lens out and shoot a bit of the action from the shore and in the water.  Here's a selection of some of the action.  Also, check out local videographer Tyler Bell's clip from Sunday on Coastalwatch.

Back in town Thursday - See you then.

∆ Murray

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