:: Sun v Clouds

Cold crisp start to the day on the beach this morning at just 5.8 degrees; coldest in 12 months apparently.   If you managed to get in the water you would have noticed it was significantly warmer than the air at a balmy 18.5 degrees.  You'd almost be mad to stay dry! There was a bit of a battle between the sun and some heavy clouds on the horizon this morning making for some spectatular light jetting through the clouds.   The sun eventually emerged at 7:30 making for a gorgeous sunny morning however it might not stay that way for long.  The cloulds are planning a come back this afternoon and we might even see some rain over the weekend.  Bummer.  The wind's going to get kind of wild around mid morning tomorrow which should whip up some short period South Swell to mix in with the East.

It's not all doom and gloom, there's still some fun waves to be had out there this afternoon.    Seems like a heap of sand has shifted lately and it's been groomed into some nice shaped gutters, rips and banks.  The whole stretch from South Steyne to Queensie has banks dotted along it.

∆ Murray

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