:: Lighting Up

Grey morning on the beach front but it wasn't all bad news.  Manly's favourite early bird, June was lighting up faces under the shelter at Denison Street where she was playing host at her annual Christmas Breakfast.  June's been absent from the beachfront for a few weeks but this morning she was all smiles and energy - fuelled-up on croissants and chocolate slice.  June's Christmas Breakfast are a who's who's of the Manly morning scene and she pulls a bigger crowd than The Steyne!   I'm already looking to next years!  Thanks June! Ya legend! There was a hint of that South Swell we've all been waiting for out there this morning.  It was still only 1-2ft at North Steyne and a touch bigger up at Queensie but there was more energy present for sure.  Well worth a splash.

I received the first delivery of 2013 Sprout Daily Calendars this morning - they're looking pretty epic from cover to cover.  If you've pre-ordered one already, it'll be in the post today or down at The Shop Next Door for collection from 3pm.  Drop in and see Taylor and Scotty and they'll take good care of you.

DAILYMurray Fraser