:: Cool & Clear

Was a little bit cooler on the beach this morning.  Way cooler than where I woke up yesterday way up in the small Queensland mining outpost of Nebo, west of Mackay - it had to be almost 40 degrees up there yesterday and it was a really dry moisture-sapping heat.  Kind of like getting into your car in summer when it's been parked in the sun.  After spending a couple of days in Nebo, it was so good to be home and back on the sand in Manly. The South Swell that's been on the cards the last couple of days doesn't seem to be making much of an impact here in Manly.  We've got an inconsistent 1 foot of swell sneaking in but it's lacking any real push, even the longboards were left wanting.   I'm guessing there's a bit more action up on the more south-facing beaches.

It's the first Thursday of the new season and The Steyne are throwing another of their legendary season launches tonight. There's food, drinks, live music and a brand new bar opening all for Manly's favourite season.  Oh, and we'll be unveiling the Sprout Daily Summer Light boxes in the Beer Garden.  Turn up at 6pm or get the details here

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