Spring Sprung


Crystal clear Spring day outside today.  If you've got the time, spend as much of it as you can outside; it's going to be a beauty.  The water is particularly clear, the sand is warm and there's just a little bit of SSE swell trickling in.  I took a ride down to the South end of Manly this morning in search of a little peeling bank but it wasn't really to be.  A couple of waves but mostly closeouts on the early low-tide.  Further North there's a bit more shape and size and no doubt if you popped your head over the hill to Freshie or beyond you'd find even more juice. Tonight the Manly Cinema is screening Australian surf-thriller Caught Inside - Think Dead Calm meets The Search.  We've got a Double Pass to give away to tonight's screening at the Manly Cinema at 8:45pm - Jump on the Sprout Daily Facebook page, check out the trailer and let us know in the comments section your ultimate surf trip destination.  We'll pick a winner at 3:30pm this afternoon.

DAILYMurray Fraser