:: Southern Lumps

A solid south swell rolled into Sydney last night dramatically changing the scene from the flat conditions Sunday.  Today it's 2ft at the South End, 4ft at North Sterne, 4-6ft at Queens and probably twice as big again around the corner.  It's seriously got some push to it! South swell ain't ideal for Manly although this morning there was the odd rare one holding up amongst the closeouts.  If you've got the patience and you can pick them there's some gold to be found amongst the junk.

LOST BOARD One of the grommets from Queensie lost his board yesterday.  Apparently he was surfing without a leggie when a South Westerly gust got under and pushed it out to sea to quick to recover.  It could be half way to Fiji by now!  The board has a yellow and green star on the deck so if you see washed up on the beach give us a call here 0413 134 424 or email me murray@sproutdaily.com and we'll reunite grommet and board.

Stay warm - get in the water! ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser