:: The Hangover


Good morning.  How are you feeling today?  If you were up early with the sun then you're no doubt feeling a lot better than those sleeping their Australia Day hangover off.  And you'd be feeling a thousand times better than those still passed out on the sand at 7am this morning... and there were a couple.   But hey, there's worst places to wake up than on the beachfront huh!   At least there's a nice seabreeze filling the lungs!

The wind was up from the E-SE this morning and the ENE swell is on the fade.  There's still the odd 3ft set but it's pretty wind affected and closing out on the low-tide.  Compared to yesterday's glassy Australian Day morning session there's not much on offer.   I'd be waiting for a shower to pass through and hope the wind dampens the chop.  New short period swell coming in from the NE on Sunday but it's going to be windy - enjoy your weekend.

∆ Murray

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