Ashleigh Mannix Gets Local


A few years back Miss Mannix took herself from Canberra to Bondi, but she still wasn’t home. To kick off the 2012 she made her way over to the Northern beaches... home it is. After years of working in the music industry festivals, touring, support acts - you name it, she has to admit “I’ve never really connected with a music scene anywhere. But, after finding some spots to play around Dee Why and Manly, the local vibe is growing on me” and she’s staying put.

A stand out gig on the peninsula was December last year at DECK Bar’s Launch for Baja Sundays.  Playing with Fernando AragonesCats are Black and Benjalu  - local and locally loved musos, Miss Mannix was called up onstage by Benjalu and had a blast of a little free style session.

Benjalu is coming back to Northern Beaches this Sunday at DECK Bar’s Baja Sundays and she admits “I may or may not have to get up with them and have another Jam, Benjalu is just way to much fun not to!”

Since moving to Dee Why, Miss Mannix has quickly embraced the Northern Beaches. She is proudly sporting new photos from local photogs, David Maurice Smith and Justin Crawford.  Her new website was created by local “design distillery” The National Grid,  even her management, is locally based.  To all that she has to say “I’m a Northern Beaches girl now…it was always gonna happen.”

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Interview by Tatianna K Alpert

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