:: Windy

Man she's blowing out there this morning!  The good news is that the wind has whipped up 4ft+ of NE wind swell and there's plenty of push and punch; however its a vista of white caps out to sea.   The wind's blowing up to 20kts from the NNE right now and Queensie's the only place offering any some semi-protection.  In fact there's so much North in the wind that every now and then a gust hooks around the headland and up the lagoon making it look offshore. If only it was...

Over on the North Shore of Oahu the Volcom Pipe Pro is scoring some swell for the first 5 Star QS event of the year.  Yesterday a surprise swell snuck in under the radar peaking at 15-20ft causing the organiser to call off competition.  Rare to see Pipe called because it's too big!   There's a couple of days of swell forecast for Oahu so keep you're eyes on the webcast.  The first 6 Star QS event of the year will be the Australian Open of Surfing right here at Manly Beach.  The event crew moved in this morning to begin construction.

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