:: Gusty

There's a gusty Southerly blowing at the moment which is whipping up a decent but wind affected South Swell.  It's good news if you don't mind a bit of wind getting under your board when you're launching air-rotations into the wind like Dan Karren was this morning.  He was doing a great job of making some very average conditions look appealing. The SurfAid Cup is on down at Queenscliff this morning.  It's a great fundraising event for an organisation that's making a real difference to communities in places we as surfers love to visit.  Come down and take a look at today's competition or check out the SurfAid website and get the latest new on where SurfAid is making an impact.  There's a whole roster of pro-surfers on the cards for the SurfAid Cup and the winds going to else throughout the day.  Should be a good day of surfing!

Tonight The Shop Next Door is launching the next chapter in their rotating shopfront with Tyler Warren's Garage Collection taking centre stage.  Should be a fun evening with new threads, drinks and tunes.

DAILYMurray Fraser