:: Steamy

We're in for a steamy one today.  34 degrees in the city and a touch cooler by the sea or in the shade.  It was warm on dawn and the air was thick and steamy with just a light onshore messing up the surf.  The air was so thick that the big moon over Manly all but disappeared as it dropped into the hazy around 7am.  It's a real thick summer atmosphere up there. The waves weren't looking real flash first thing this morning but the wind is forecast to swing around to the Nor-West later in the day which should clean conditions up a lot.  There's not a lot of swell on offer but there could be just enough for a couple of runners on the longboard late this afternoon.  Tomorrow's going to be a whole different story with a top of a mere 21 degree and a decent 4-5 foot South Swell on the rise.  Could be some entertaining conditions for the pro's and teams competing in the SurfAid Cup at Queenscliff tomorrow.  Get down and check out Tom Carroll, Damien Hardman, Martin Potter, Layne Beachley, Laura Enever and more ripping for a great cause. -- ||  The Shop Next Door is changing over.  Friday's launch time so get down and check out the new scene and grab an icy cold refreshment.

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