:: Leeward

She's blowing a howling onshore down on Manly Beach today and the surf has been blown to smithereens.  There's a little bit of NE wind swell but it's not a pretty picture.  Luckily there's two sides to Manly Beach and over on the leeward side of Manly it's as glorious a day as any.  The sun's  high in the sky, the water is warm(ish) and it's glassy and protected from the wind.    Well worth a stroll around the corner to find a little protection. Looks like this onshore pattern is going to continue for a few more days adding a little more strength to the Nor-East wind swell.  The early morning sessions might offer a little relief from the onshore otherwise head up the beaches, over the bridge or wait til Thursday/Friday when we may see a Southerly change.

∆ Murray

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