Better Late

Better late than never?  Not sure if that applies today - If you surfed this morning you would have been among a rare group of individuals; if you surf this afternoon perhaps among an even more unique group.  I just took a wander down to South Steyne and, apart from a group of Manly nippers head to toe in wetsuits and a pair of tourists, the beach was deserted.  It's cool, grey and there's been a constant drizzle of rain falling most of the day.  As for the waves, we'll they're missing altogether.

I've been at the office all day punching out emails and getting things sorted for the summer silly season and I lost track of time.  If you asked me today whether it was better to surf late or never, I'd say never.  Better to be sipping cider at The Moonshine Bar!

For surfing, here's always tomorrow... maybe

(If you're still at work, try listening to this song by Angus & Julia Stone while you check out today's images - makes them feel all nice and cosy)

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