:: End of the Road

This is the end of the road.  We're at the airport about to board a Qantas flight home while outside on the West Coast of New Zealand a huge Southern groundswell is about to fill in.  It's a big one!  So big in fact that the Surfing Taranaki Bog Works Big Wave Invitational is about to kick off down on the New Plymouth Coast.  Raglan no doubt will be firing on all cylinders by lunchtime and Shipwreck Bay will come to life by the time we're touching down at Sydney Airport.  All world-class waves, all reason's to stay.   But, home calls and we'll be back  in NZ soon enough; it's only a 3 and half hour flight across the ditch after all. We've had a fantastic run of swell, and perfect run of weather and experienced some of the most welcoming, honest and down to earth hospitality ever.  But best of all we've experienced amazing natural beauty and an almost infinite number of surfing possibilities and come to realise that New Zealand is genuine surf destination within easy reach of Sydney.  If you're thinking of planning a trip over here chat to your Kiwi neighbour and they might impart some local knowledge or pick up the best surf guide ever, The NZ Surf Guide.  We saw a lot but we missed a thousand times more so we'll be back for sure.  Chur Bro!

See you in Manly tomorrow!

THANKS Mary Hamilton & John from Wilderness Motorhomes, Bridget, Mary & Simon Reedman for their outstanding hospitality, Patagonia Australia for keeping us warm; Ian & Chelsea Reeder for knowing everyone; Graeme and Trish, Kevin, Glen and  Danny;  Jeff & Kathy Ruddock, Summah & Andy, Hayley & Paul, Mel, Brooke & girls, Hayden & Kirsty, Cruise & Issac for Easter Open House; Fi & Cathy, Neil & Linda, Zennor and Ruben, Glen Fowlie & Family, Andrew Quilty & David Maurice Smith; Dr Tom Shand for his Trans Pacific guidance, Cory Scott for a few secret spots along the road, Mark Kelly for taking our excess luggage home;Taylor from The Shop Next Door for stoking me with the Demo Jeff MacCallum Quad which went insane everywhere in all conditions.  Most of all for my girlfriend Sarah for putting up with my incessant time behind the lens and on the computer. x