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Sometimes when your traveling it pays just to sit and wait. After a fun little Lay-Day onshore session on Friday morning we just parked up at the beach and waited for the forecast wind change to blow through.  The camper we're traveling in is decked out with a DVD and surround sound system and you can whip up a pretty mean breakfast in the kitchen so lay-days aren't too hard to take.  By mid afternoon the sun was shining, the wind was starting to swing and The Bar was beginning to look the part.  I'd seen some pretty amazing photo's of this place so I was hoping to sample it at it's World Class best.  It didn't quite turn on to 10 but I reckon we scored it pretty good never the less.   It's really such a picturesque place to surf with a steep mountain dropping into the sea on one side and jagged islands on the other.  The cliff is lined with pines giving the place a very remote alpine feel.

Looks like a solid South Swell back home in Sydney with light winds.  Somewhere's got to be pumping! We're home soon. See you then.