:: Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine!  Hope you were up for the 6:30am sunrise (the Sun is rising way further North now huh!).  My body clock was working in New Zealand time so I was up at 4:30 wondering when we'd get some sort of glow out on the horizon. It's good to be back on the Manly sand and really nice to see a clean sunrise and a sunny day forecast ahead.  We had such a wet Summer in Sydney that I was almost beginning to believe the Kiwi's that were saying the weather was better in NZ!  We live in a beautiful place and no matter where you've been it's a great place to come back to.  There's a few waves about this morning and a nice little offshore breeze fanning.  The wind's going to remain light and from the North to North-Westerly most of the day.  Fun to be had! ∆ Murray

PS - Big Happy Birthday to Cybele - hope you're having a nice one out there in the sunshine!!

DAILYMurray Fraser