:: Dawn Swirl

There was a little bit of colour this morning.  Just for five minutes the sky lit up in a swirl of greys and pinks before returning to this weeks customary colourless sky.  With very little light around in the morning at the moment there's not much choice other than to slow the shutter right down and blur the action.  Results can be pretty mixed shooting at 1/30th of a second but this last couple of day's it's pretty much been the only option.  I guess it's Winter now huh! There's a little extra swell in the mix today and it's swung around to the East slightly making for better conditions and less closeouts.  The weekend is looking much the same with a drop off in swell over the next couple of days until we see a big spike in swell for the first half of next week.  More on that Monday.   The ASP World Championship Tour is back in Fiji and there's a big swell lining up for the opening of the competition window on Sunday.  Could make for some rainy Sunday viewing if the weather doesn't hold up here.

If you managed to get your name on the door for Saturday nights screening of Come Hell or High Water don't forget about it.  If you missed out, sorry but all the tickets have been allocated.

See you Monday.  Enjoy your weekend! ∆ Murray