:: Winter Incoming

Hold onto your hats folks, Winter arrives tomorrow.  Although we're not going to feel the full effects immediately, a quick glance over the seven day forecast reveals that things start to look a little bleak into next week. Think rain, wind and cold!  This morning a thick heavy cloud overhead managed to keep things from getting too cold but it also keep the light pretty dull except for the odd sunburst through the cloud. Surf wise, it's much the same as yesterday.  There was a little bump in South Swell forecast overnight but unless it's late or missing Manly altogether it's not having much of an impact.  Maybe up the beaches.  There's 2-3 feet of SSE swell and the low tide isn't helping the closeout factor.

Big shout out to O'Neill and The Shop Next Door for throwing the doors open for half of Manly last night and to Scotty for putting on the pulled-pork rolls.  Killer feed, sweet drinks and cool vibes from Laura Hill banging out her acoustic sets on the rug!  Oh yeah and the O'Neill threads they have down there now are top-notch!

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