:: Dark

If you were up for the early this morning you'd have scored some quality waves.   There's a peaky mix of SE/NE wind swell and a light grooming offshore; ideal conditions for a Monday morning splash.  It was bleak, dark Winter's morning on the beach at 7am with heavy clouds not letting much light through.   At 7am if felt more like like 5:30am!    Sun's out and the wind's still a light offshore - looks a different story out there now! Tomorrow we're going to see some wild weather and a serious jump in swell as a Low Pressure system moves out into the Tasman Sea.  Winds are going to gradually build during the day from 25km/h in the morning up to 55-75km/h in the afternoon with the swell potentially reaching 10-12ft+.  Plenty of swell in town tomorrow but the wind could prove to be an issue making the peak of the swell a write-off.  I guess we'll see tomorrow.

There's some epic waves and amazing surfing going down in Fjij right now at the Fiji Pro.  Tune into the webcast

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