:: Cracker (Late Edition)

Sorry about the late email guys.  The SheSurfs girls were down at South Steyne at dawn this but unfortunately logistics had delayed me getting this out from NYC until now (it's 1am Monday morning here in the Big Apple).  Here's the post from Hayley & Mikala.... The swell has definitely dropped off to about 2-3ft but there were still some fun little waves out there to be had.  Mikala decided to shoot in the water this morning and there was a great group of girls to surf with and beautiful light. The water is super clear and seems tons warmer than it was on Friday.  (thank god for that)  Summer days are coming!

Mornings like this make you realise how lucky we are to live here and live the life we live. A group of us surfer girls have decided to do something for girls who are less fortunate than us. We are going surfing in school dresses on the 21st of October at 12:30 in Manly so that girls in Sierra Leone in West Africa can go to school.  The initiative was inspired by the “Do it in a Dress” movement which sees hundreds of people around the world wearing a school dress whilst doing their chosen sport or activity. The aim is to wear a school dress so that a girl from Sierra Leone can wear one too. $240 is all it takes to send one girl to school. We are currently recruiting sponsors and participants so please click the link below and come down on the day and get involved.


I really hard to get on the ferry and leave Manly this morning however I was helped by the guy at the ticket counter singing to me about how important it is to have a smile on your face. So stick one on you and have a great day

Peace surf love, Hayles and Mikala

DAILYMurray Fraser