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This morning we have a very special treat for you.  Whilst I'm sitting on the rooftop of a 21 story building in the heart of Manhattan, Hayley & Mikala from girl-centic surf colective SheSurfs have been out at the crack of dawn down at Manly where from what I can see there's a solid South Swell on the rise.  And now over to Hayley and Mikala....Sprout Daily SheSurfs Edition  So Murray has very bravely handed the keys for Sprout to two girls for a few days. Don’t worry we will try and keep the girly-ness to a minimum.Firstly introductions my name is Hayley.   My lovely friend Mikala and I run Shesurfs, a go-to for all things surfer girl.   You can check it out and like our facebook page here.   Mikala is the photographer and myself the writer. We hope we do you all and Muz proud.

We love early mornings it’s the best part of the day, feels like the rest of the world is still asleep. You can forget all your worries and it’s just you and the sunrise. Not in Manly however we are a town of early risers, soft sand runners, swimmers, dog walkers, surfers, and coffee drinkers. This morning was no exception with the anticipation of some big swell hitting the northern beaches the line up was crowded with surfers of all types.

There were party waves happening everywhere and as we sit here and look at the photos its hard to find ones with a single surfer on a wave.  I snuck out for a sneaky paddle whilst Maka was shooting and it was honestly the coldest I’ve been all winter!!  It is a grey ol' day but the sun did peep its head out very briefly and then it bucketed down as we ran to the car.  The size of the swell is increasing and so is the wild weather so if your brave enough to tackle the size and prepared to get cold, get out there!!

Check out more images from this morning's session at Mikala’s website or the SheSurfs Facebook page 

Peace, Surf Love M&H

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