:: Friction Free in the City

Good morning to you!~  Hope it's a good one over there in Manly (or where ever you might find yourself).  It's afternoon here in New York and if you're on the @SproutDaily Instagram feed you can see the sensational sunset that's about to go down over Manhattan.  It's a beautiful afternoon and I'm sitting on the roof top of a building in 7th Ave. The last couple of days we've been searching for waves with Fiction Free aficionado Derek Hynd.  Derek's passing through NYC on a world wide adventure and he gets the excitement of a 15 year old grommet at even a hint of swell.  We searched long and hard for two days and settled on howling onshore sandy shorey's somewhere in The Hampton's.  There's swell coming - maybe tomorrow.

Back home you should be aware that there's an exhibition happening at The Damp Store on Friday night. It's called Body of Water and it's looking killer with water-based photography and hand painted handplanes.  Go check it out if your'e in town

DAILYMurray Fraser