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There was 2-3 foot of South Swell at dawn this morning but I reckon it's bumped up another 2 foot on that now.  The swell is building steeply from the South however at this point there's a heap of wind in the mix.  The higher tide is keeping the odd mid-section wave from closing out but it's mostly wind-blown closeouts.  Tomorrow the swell should settle in with a longer period ground-swell and lighter winds forecast.  Good to see some energy out there in the Tasman!

Did you catch the article on Cam Gray and his reclaimed Kombi in the Manly Daily this morning?  Camo's quote "They took the world's most noticeable car with no petrol in it..." is classic Cam Gray!  Hey Cam, you sure you didn't park it up at Forrestville and skateboard home?  Good to see the van back on the beach mate!

If you're looking for Christmas gifts you'd be styling with a 2012 Sprout Daily Calendar.  It's 12 months of beautiful images and crisp design for your kitchen or office wall.  Or, you might like to get a hand-crafted Surfboard cover from the lovely Sarah at Gypsy Jackets.  There's only 10 more sleeps til Christmas!!

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